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Why Portugal?

There are a few things that make a place incentive-worthy: delicious cuisines with a strong regional bond, sights that just cannot be found anywhere else and the ability to attract corporates from the far ends of the budget. Portugal ranks in all of these — and it is not just one city shadowing other less-visited destinations.

Although Lisboa remains a must-stop on itineraries, head 3 hours north and you will find the beautiful cultural hub of Porto, where port tastings are a must-do. If you are looking for ancient ruins and enough castles to fill a volume of photo albums, head to Sintra: The Pena Palace remains a favorite, with its bold colour palette that is best seen against a sunrise or sunset. In the South, see the pristine beaches of the Algarve, or hop on a quick plane ride to Madeira, 4 islands off the western coast that are known for their volcanic terrain and botanical gardens.

Facts & Figures:

Capital: Lisbon

Area: 92,212 km²

Population (approx.): 10,5 Mio

Spoken Languages: Portuguese

Phone Dial Code: +351

Time Zone: UTC (Azores -1h)

Currency: Euro

Weather: Mediterranean and oceanic

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