DMCs Ready for Action – Pro-Meet Italy

Francesca Pezzutto of Pro-Meet, Preferred DMCs member in Italy tells us how they are adapting to changes.

In a matter of days, the global pandemic changed events from live to virtual and “digital events” became the new normal.

At Pro-Meet we believe that face-to-face events will always be the core of our industry and therefore we spent the past months focusing on the development of hybrid events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences. A good compromise in this uncertain period, isn’t it?

The important lesson that we learned is that “all you need for a hybrid event is a virtual streaming provider” is wrong!  A successful hybrid event requires the same elements as an onsite event. The agency must carefully plan and oversee all the essential features paying a special attention to contents and experiences that are a primary aspect if you want to engage and involve virtual attendees and make them desire to attend the future editions as well. Luckily, Italy is the perfect reward to excite and incentivize this desire with its many sensational landscapes and venues!

The many advantages of hybrid events are: increased attendance, efficiency of all assets, modern image of the company and not forgetting the crucial importance to keep in touch with stakeholders. And since our company has always paid special attention to environment and sustainability we like very much the idea that by reducing the number of onsite attendees, the event’s carbon footprint will also decrease.

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