Hadler DMC Scandinavia wins 2 ADMEI Awards

Our Preferred DMCs member for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, Hadler DMC, has won two Awards during the Gala Awards Ceremony of the ADMEI conference which has been celebrated at the beginning of February 2019 in Houston, TX.

After being nominated as finalist in 3 categories, Hadler DMC managed to obtain 2 Awards, one for “Excellence in Cultural and Tradition Integration” – the first award of the evening – and the second for “Best Overall Program”, the last award of the evening, and the most important and prestigious one. Both awards were granted for the incentive programme “Truck Dealer Excellence – Northern Exposure 2018” Hadler DMC carried out in 2018.

Hadler DMC was challenged to create an incentive for 9 top achievers with an allure of intrigue and mystery, creating a program across 3 destinations – Denmark, Greenland and Iceland – that integrated the contrast of city, nature and serene community to create a one-of-a-kind incentive experience, showcasing the destinations’ traditions and cultural beliefs through storytelling, authentic moments and relaxed atmosphere. The journey covered nearly 5.000 km over 9 days and Hadler DMC managed to incorporate several authentic surprises for the guests, turning it into a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for them.

As Bent Hadler, Owner and CEO of Hadler DMC, pointed out during his award speech at the gala, “running an incentive in Greenland is close to impossible, as there are no streets between two villages – you have to sail there!” Incentive travel is about going beyond existing boundaries, and the entire team of Hadler DMC well deserves this prestigious award, the highest recognition a DMC can obtain in the MICE industry.

Hadler DMC is a founding member of Preferred DMCs.

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