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Company Profile

Hadler DMC Scandinavia has worked in Scandinavia since 1984 and operates daily in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Finland, and Iceland, creating unforgettable experiences for our guests.

We like to describe ourselves as a ’boutique DMC’ – meaning that we are a small group of dedicated staff, motivated to provide good and professional service. By being a small company, we can move fast, and everyone can quickly take action on any itinerary.

We believe that reliability, availability, and speed are key success factors in the battle for orders. Therefore, you can expect a qualified proposal based on your RFP within 48 hours. To us it is an honor to fulfill the specific requirements of every group, and we always guarantee a customized and professional itinerary.

Hadler DMC Scandinavia was the first DMC in Europe to become an Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) and is the only ADMC in Northern Europe. This is your safety, for a very high standard of services provided by our managers and suppliers.

Please send all RFPs to . A representative will contact agent or client. The country manager responsible for the RFP will contact you about your RFP.



ADMC - Accredited Destination Management Company


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