• Special Events - 15th Annual 25 Top DMCs

Preferred DMCs named “Top 25 DMC in the World”!

Preferred DMCs is proud to announce its renewed inclusion in the “Top 25 Destination Management Companies in the World” list, published by the prestigious Special Events Magazine in California. The chosen 25 DMCs and DMC networks were selected based on their quality of service, accreditation, reputation, and turnover and number of events produced in the previous year.

For Preferred DMCs this is already the 2nd time to appear on this annual list after 2018, and Bent Hadler, DMCP, CIS, CEO of Hadler DMC Scandinavia, said: “It is such an honour for us as a relatively new DMC platform to be included again in this renowned list, which is predominantly American and thus it’s even more significant for us as a Europe-based platform being selected.”

Marc Schwabach, DMCP, CIS, CITP, Ambiance Incentives in Spain, added: “To be shoulder to shoulder with the largest and most accredited DMCs in the US is not only a great honour but also an important step forward in the development of our DMC platform, which adjoins the finest of DMC’s from all over Europe. All our members are so excited about this recognition!”

More information on the Top 25 DMC’s in the World HERE


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