Caring about our Planet & Future Generations

In times of global climate change, ongoing tensions and wars between nations, terrorist threats, popular unrest and uprisings, foreign interferences in democratic election processes, deterioration of public education, and a widening of the gap between the rich and the poor, Preferred DMCs can’t and won’t sit back and renounce on having a social conscience. We are worried about the present and the future, and have introduced a CSR and Sustainability Policy that adds to our Mission Statement. We can’t change the world but we can put our grain of sand in order to make it a better place.

In cooperation with Global Green Events in Malta, and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN), Preferred DMCs members have a focus on increasing awareness regarding sustainability and reducing environmental impacts, abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Preferred DMCs members operate a “Leave No Trace” philosophy. Every event must leave the event site as clean if not cleaner as on arrival.
  • Packaging should be reduced at source, avoiding the usage or promotion of products that have packaging, and reducing all packaging wherever possible.
  • We support the “Bring your own container” initiative for food and drinks. Vendors must be willing to serve participants in their own drinking bottle, mug or plate.
  • Recycling and composting bins should be present at every event. The aim is to be zero to landfill, and resources are precious. Waste collection companies must agree to dispose of waste correctly.
  • All food vendors and bars should only use compostable or paper disposables. All food waste and paper disposables should be added to the compost bins.
  • Cigarette Butt bins should be provided throughout the event sites, portable pocket ashtrays can be handed out as optional.
  • We offer conscious and sustainable transportation options, including public transport, shuttle buses, park and ride initiatives, carpooling, cycling or walking.
  • Water dispensers should be used wherever possible. Water should have an option of being dispensed in refillable containers or compostable disposables.
  • We promote to use preferably biodegradable or organic washing products, reducing the amount of chemicals used, and ask vendors and suppliers to do the same.
  • All waste water should be contained. Grey water should be captured into containers and deposited in agreed sewerage systems.
  • Energy consumption should be reduced as much as possible, by asking suppliers to use LED lighting wherever possible, looking into alternative power sources, and choosing low impact materials in procurement.
  • When possible we employ cleaners to work throughout the event, i.e. volunteers, clean ups run by participants of the event or paid workers.
  • We encourage our clients to contribute to the local community, and we try to give back to the local area as much as possible, i.e. by sourcing workers locally, buying local, and using local goods.
  • We are committed to build awareness through getting participants, suppliers, crew, vendors engaged in what we are aiming to achieve. We publish our sustainability policies pre-event, communicating our intentions and initiatives on social media.
  • Preferred DMCs members try to create a legacy by focussing on education throughout the event, create event signage with tips how participants can contribute, make educational boards for the event, employ sustainability volunteers to promote our initiatives on site, get participants to share their experiences and leave empowered and inspired.
  • Furthermore, we report the events achievements, review systems for improvement and refinement, and share our learnings.