Your event with Colours of Malta

Top US client requests an exclusive trip to Malta

Request states : Can you open places that can’t be open for any tourist ! Let’s have drinks with the President! And so on…

Our Preferred DMC in Malta, Colours of Malta, always says yes! 5 days of exclusive property dinners, private tours in Palaces and private audiences with Professors, Sopranos and The President.

Colours of Malta was in charge of putting the entire programme together: starting with venue sourcing, transportation and dinners, to the creative concept itself. Photographed is one of the 5 evening events. Dinner for 70 persons at the Saluting Battery overlooking the Grand Harbour with Private Concerto by one of Malta’s top sopranos…

The Client’s feedback after the group: “Colours of Malta was outstanding to work with. Highly recommend them to anyone & actually already did. Amazing Hospitality. Excellent Help. Truly a phenomenal experience loved working with Cris and Davide”.


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